Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tod Steele's 'NEW' Work on Daily PaintWorks!

"The Eyes Have It"  © Tod C Steele   6 x 8" Acrylic on board
Hello and welcome!  I'm a bit tardy, but now seems the time to finally start a blog - I'm finally getting more serious about getting my art online.  To those who don't know me I am a full time artist who paints mainly animals in acrylic paint.  My painting philosophy is 'Celebrate God's Creation!"  I am blessed to live on the southern Oregon coast where beauty is pretty much everywhere you look - most inspiring!

The above painting is of our pup, Lily Bell.  In fact, I may have Lily write some of my posts when I get behind.  She loves to help, is a hard worker, and her grammar continues to improve.  Being as observant as she is in this painting, she usually has a better handle on what's actually happening than I do.  Yeah, I think this is a good idea.....Lily will supervise this blog from here on out!

If interested in the above painting go to Daily Paint Works: Click Here!

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