Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"We ALL Scream..." - Updated Edvard Munch's "The Scream" - by Tod C Steele

" We ALL Scream...." ©2013 Tod C Steele - Acrylic 20 x 16 - 

I dont know about you but this painting by Munch never set right with me. Here the little fellow's at the beach ....and he's screaming in anguish?

Come on. I don't buy it.

He should be having the time of his life at the sea with all that fresh salt air and a lovely boardwalk to watch a glorious sunset from.

Then it hit the original painting most of the boardwalk on the left was cut off even though he's clearly looking that direction. So what exactly is he looking at that's making him so emotional?

I am here to gladly tell you that his scream is not born of pain but rather of unspeakable delight! Munch simply failed to put in the standard ice cream cart that graces every boardwalk in the world! Therefore I added the cart and now it all makes perfect sense and all is well!

And best of all, the little guy no longer has to scream alone either, because after all...we all scream for....well, you know... an afterthought maybe this should be titled: "I(ce) Scream"?  :-)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Update of Vermeer's 'The Milkmaid', by Tod C Steele

© 2013 Tod C Steele  'Milkmaids'  16x16"  Acrylic -
This was the most challenging painting I've ever done - and one of the most rewarding. I'm a little strange in that often I look at something and ask myself, 'would a cow somehow improve this situation?' Whenever I saw Vermeer's 'The Milkmaid', with that empty window and somewhat depressing room, I just knew a cow would brighten things up and make things much more cheerful for the hardworking young lady!

It's hard to be unhappy when a cow's in the room, that is unless you are the one who must clean up after it. But we're not worried about that here because the cow's hindquarters are exactly where they should be...outside.

The biggest challenge, by far, was the girl's face. It went through about 5 renditions, starting with Quasi Moto, then to Carol Channing, back to BoBo Moto (Quasi's better looking brother) and then finally as shown above. It was as good as I could possibly get it, and I said, '...enough, Tod!... don't you dare touch it lest another Moto makes an apprearance!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

'The Next Big Thing' original painting by Tod C Steele

"The Next Big Thing" by Tod C Steele   12x16"  Acrylic
Just finished this and I like it....why?  Because there's a powerful message here.  Something very important, perhaps even earth shattering.  I just have absolutely no idea what the message is.  Please let me know if you know.  To me I just liked the idea of a farmer and a giant cow.  That's actually me as the farmer.  You can tell by the saggy bottom, short legs and bugged eyes (you have to take my word on that one), and, of course, the trademark bucket I often carry around with me.  But enough about me.  This is all about 'the cow'...the simple, trustworthy, faithful cow.  Our friend we always take for granted.  The cow we treat as mundane, even silly.  I call her, 'the next big thing' in this painting, but the truth is, she's always been a big thing.....a very big thing indeed, and we love her for it.


Monday, September 2, 2013

Updating Winslow Homer's 'The Gulf Stream' - by Tod C Steele

"The Search for Greener Pastures Hits a Glitch"
© Tod C Steele  24x18"  Acrylic

'The Gulf Stream"  by Winslow Homer
There was a 19th century painter named, Homer Winslow....or maybe it was Winslow Homer. I can't ever get that straight.  But whatever his name was, could that fellow ever paint! However, there was one painting he did named, 'The Gulf Stream', which I felt needed to be addressed. You see, in his version there is a black man laying on the deck of a wrecked boat, and it bothers me that the painting could be interpreted as being a touch racist. How? There are some who might argue that Homer is portraying the black man as a lousy sailor. But being that the Navy is loaded with black men (and women) who are obviously top-notch sailors, I decided to update the painting with a cow. I just don't think there's a person alive who would argue the cow as a good sailor (except perhaps in certain rare circus acts). So I am delighted to introduce this far more politically correct version which I have named, "The Search for Greener Pastures Hits a Glitch".

Sunday, June 30, 2013

My New Etsy Print - "There's Something in the Way She Moos" by Tod C Steele

"There's Something in the Way She Moos" ¢ Tod C Steele

This is my newest Etsy Print from one of my original acrylic paintings.
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Monday, June 17, 2013


I wanted to post a demo on a cow painting I just finished.  Never have documented a paintings progress before - so this was kind of fun.  If there is any interest I will do more in the future. 

This 18x24" is bigger than I usually paint, but have been working larger lately and really enjoying it - it's a nice break from smaller work. This beauty from a herd north of us near Langlois, OR.

I usually start with a form, such as nose or ear or top notch, and pretty much finish it before moving onto the next form.  This is to take advantage of the wet acrylic as regards to blending.

When I first started horns/antlers were a fun challenge, and actually, they still are.  :-)

So I'm sticking with just the darks on her face here, blending in alizarin  and green darks along with blue highlights.  The topnotch is handled all at one time, as are all individual forms.  The dark lines over the eyes are put in extra thick so it they be plenty wet to blend with the white that's a comin'.

Starting to lay in the lights on her face, keeping the strokes pretty much angular and sharp.  This part is extra fun for me as she starts to come alive!

The foundation of the face is basically done and I dealt with most of the edges.  My wife and mentor, (JM Steele aka Jeanne) taught me what her mentor taught her: "Edges are the Magic Bullet".  Some edges are hard and sharp, some are soft ('Lost and Found').  This is pretty much intuition here, stepping back and squinting, seeing what area is boring and needs tending.

In my studies I learned that the Old Masters stressed that 'black' is anything but!  If the 'blacks' are not made interesting with various other dark values - blues, greens, reds - the eye will immediately get bored with it.  Make the blacks interesting!  In fact, every part of the painting must draw interest from the viewers subconscious.  You want the eye to linger here, there, everywhere.  Same with the lights and white.  Don't allow people to glance at your painting and say in their mind, 'Oh, that's just a cow...what's next?' Draw them in with exciting brushwork and interesting color and value changes!  And of course....composition's kind of important too - lol.

Okay, so I'm getting darn close to done here.  I have tried to make the edges on her body and each form varied and interesting.  Oh....and her eyes!  All of a sudden with light in her eyes she's looking right back at me and I'm really liking her - "She's alive!  She's alive!"  :-)

The background is done and after some drying time, white impasto paint is added with brush and knife on the white of her face and in her topnotch.  I don't have her name yet, any suggestions?  Often the name does not come until I start varnishing.  I really, really like this beautiful girl! 

Please contact me if interested in this painting.  Many thanks.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Daily PaintWorks features Tod Steele's New Bird Painting

Daily Paintworks just featured my new bird painting on their Facebook page - cool!
To check it out: Click Here:
Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tod Steele's 'NEW' Work on Daily PaintWorks!

"The Eyes Have It"  © Tod C Steele   6 x 8" Acrylic on board
Hello and welcome!  I'm a bit tardy, but now seems the time to finally start a blog - I'm finally getting more serious about getting my art online.  To those who don't know me I am a full time artist who paints mainly animals in acrylic paint.  My painting philosophy is 'Celebrate God's Creation!"  I am blessed to live on the southern Oregon coast where beauty is pretty much everywhere you look - most inspiring!

The above painting is of our pup, Lily Bell.  In fact, I may have Lily write some of my posts when I get behind.  She loves to help, is a hard worker, and her grammar continues to improve.  Being as observant as she is in this painting, she usually has a better handle on what's actually happening than I do.  Yeah, I think this is a good idea.....Lily will supervise this blog from here on out!

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