Tuesday, September 17, 2013

'The Next Big Thing' original painting by Tod C Steele

"The Next Big Thing" by Tod C Steele   12x16"  Acrylic
Just finished this and I like it....why?  Because there's a powerful message here.  Something very important, perhaps even earth shattering.  I just have absolutely no idea what the message is.  Please let me know if you know.  To me I just liked the idea of a farmer and a giant cow.  That's actually me as the farmer.  You can tell by the saggy bottom, short legs and bugged eyes (you have to take my word on that one), and, of course, the trademark bucket I often carry around with me.  But enough about me.  This is all about 'the cow'...the simple, trustworthy, faithful cow.  Our friend we always take for granted.  The cow we treat as mundane, even silly.  I call her, 'the next big thing' in this painting, but the truth is, she's always been a big thing.....a very big thing indeed, and we love her for it.



  1. Hi Eva-Marie - thank you for your feedback! :-D

  2. The message is a warning against GMO products. We already see chickens and turkeys that are HUGE. We shouldn't get carried away when we mess with Mother Nature! LOVE your work and your humor!

  3. Hi Karen - I never thought of the GMO angle, but you're right, of course. Maybe I should have given the cow 3 eyes. :-) What strange and interesting times we live in, eh? Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it! :-)