Monday, September 2, 2013

Updating Winslow Homer's 'The Gulf Stream' - by Tod C Steele

"The Search for Greener Pastures Hits a Glitch"
© Tod C Steele  24x18"  Acrylic

'The Gulf Stream"  by Winslow Homer
There was a 19th century painter named, Homer Winslow....or maybe it was Winslow Homer. I can't ever get that straight.  But whatever his name was, could that fellow ever paint! However, there was one painting he did named, 'The Gulf Stream', which I felt needed to be addressed. You see, in his version there is a black man laying on the deck of a wrecked boat, and it bothers me that the painting could be interpreted as being a touch racist. How? There are some who might argue that Homer is portraying the black man as a lousy sailor. But being that the Navy is loaded with black men (and women) who are obviously top-notch sailors, I decided to update the painting with a cow. I just don't think there's a person alive who would argue the cow as a good sailor (except perhaps in certain rare circus acts). So I am delighted to introduce this far more politically correct version which I have named, "The Search for Greener Pastures Hits a Glitch".


  1. Tod,
    We are huge fans of Winslow Homer. In fact, our first Wire fox terrier was named Homer, and now we have one named Winslow. When he was a pup, he had a white flourish on his face that resembled a paint stroke...he was obviously a painter. He had to be Winslow. Love this new painting.

  2. Thank you, Deirdre! I really appreciate your feedback very much. I never put the names of your 2 pups together in my mind, but brilliant on your part....but it still doesn't solve the problem for me that I so want 'Homer' to be the great painters first name....which only proves that I've watched way too much 'Simpsons' - lol